Graphic Novels Worth Stealing From Kids

  It's already half way through January (gasp), which means I'm linking up with Quick Lit over at Modern Mrs. Darcy to share short reviews of what I've been reading. Instead of giving you a peek at my nightstand, I've decided to mix things up a bit and talk about my 9-year-old daughter's latest obsession: graphic novels. Today's graphic novels have changed from manga and superheroes to interesting and engaging novels that just happen to be illustrated. My daughter loves to read, but it has been difficult as of late to get her to read anything but graphic novels. And who can blame her? They can be downright addictive. At first I was worried that graphic novels would stunt her growth as a reader. One of the greatest things about reading books is envisioning the characters, setting, and events taking place in your own mind. Graphic novels do that for you. But then the middle school language arts teacher in me kicks in. Reading is reading. Ya, maybe little Timmy is reading Keep Reading

Children’s Literature is the Best Kind of Gift

If you haven't guessed already, I love to give my kids books as gifts. I'm pretty sure I get more joy out of picking out the perfect book, smelling the deliciously new pages, and watching their faces light up in fake excitement as they open it up than my kids do from getting them. Both of my bigger kids love to read and enjoy getting new books they don't have to return to the library. Christmas is not the only time I go book shopping for my kids. Birthdays, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, even Arbor Day all require trips to the book store. Around here, I just finished shopping for my almost-5-year-old. My sweet little boy suddenly grew up before my eyes. I have no idea how that happened. His birthday is in a couple of days and you better believe I wrapped up some brand new books in Paw Patrol wrapping paper for his upcoming birthday celebration. My son is still in the picture book phase. I feel some pressure to get him to start reading, but then I remember that he'll be ready when Keep Reading

Kid Lit: When is it OK to Talk About the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is hard to talk about... It was a terrible, horrific time in history. However, it's important to teach the Holocaust to future generations to honor those whose lives were so savagely taken and to ensure history doesn't repeat itself (although history has the stubborn habit of doing that anyway). Think about it. When did you learn about the Holocaust? Like me, many people in my generation grew up just knowing about the Holocaust. When I was a kid, I remember knowing someone whose grandparents lived through the Holocaust. Kids today don't really know about the Holocaust. It has to be explicitly taught. As a parent, how do you explain to your child someone decided that an entire population should be exterminated, like getting rid of that pesky ant mound in your front yard? How do you explain that 11 million people were murdered? How do explain that crap like that is still happening around the world? I hope you have answers to these questions, because I certainly don't. Keep Reading

Kid Lit: What’s Hot from the Eyes of an 8-year-old

This is my first post on my new website. Yay! I hope you like it. Before moving to the topic of books, I would like to point out that navigating WordPress is more difficult than brain surgery. I should know, I was a brain surgeon in a former life. That's why I have such steady hands. After watching many YouTube videos, spending hours in front of my computer, and issuing many, many swear words I have decided that my blog looks slightly less than heinous and I'm ready to share it with the world wide web. I still have lots of tweaking left to do, but if I have to watch one more unhelpful video on featured images I'm going to scream. I realized it's time for my motto in life: good enough. Hopefully I'll get it looking the way I want in the near future and have a few more readers to boot. Alrighty, today I thought I'd take a moment and discuss kid lit, more commonly known as juvenile fiction. I realize that most people probably don't give a rat's behind about juvenile fiction, but it's a Keep Reading