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The most amazing thing happened today. As I walked into the YMCA this morning to take advantage of free childcare, I caught a glimpse of a book. Could it be? A book sale? I'm a sucker for book sales. Actually, I'm a sucker for anything at a discounted price. I love a good deal. Combine that with my love for books and it no-holds-barred. As I rounded the corner, hoping my son was staying close because I was in the zone and as far as I was concerned he was on his own, I saw it. The most amazing sign I've ever seen. "Free books". Those two words are like crack for me. Whoa Nellie. Free books? I hit the jackpot. Since they were free, these books weren't exactly the cream of the crop, but I am always able to find a winner amongst a sea of losers. That's how I snagged my husband. I walked away with all three of Larry McMurtry's Lonesome Dove series and a hardback Harry Potter book. If there's one thing I know, it's that you can never have too many Harry Potter books. Score! Here are Keep Reading

In the Books: This Week’s Best Bookish Links

I hope everyone has awoken from their turkey comas, survived your families, and avoided any bodily injuries getting Black Friday deals. The holiday was a success for me. Other than being woken up at 4:30 by my lovely children and cranking out a full Thanksgiving feast on 3 hours of sleep, caffeine and pure holiday-induced adrenaline, everything went very smoothly. It was only me, the hubs, our three rug rats, and two other family members, so there wasn't a ton of pressure. I didn't let a small guest list stop me from making an insanely large meal. There are some dishes that I only eat on Thanksgiving that I absolutely love; most notably my mom's sweet potato soufflé. This being the first Thanksgiving I hosted and cooked on my own (with help from my hubby, of course) I was shocked by the amount of sugar and butter in almost every dish. It was delicious. I did not partake in the annual display of consumer gluttony that is Black Friday. Instead I went to a kickboxing class in hopes Keep Reading

In the Books: This Week’s Best Bookish Links

How was your week? I had to think hard about what I did this week. My brain cells have been steadily diminishing with each kid I pop out. This week saw the end of saw the end of October, Halloween, the beginning of November and apparently the end of fall. Maybe it's still fall-like temperatures where you live, but here in the Midwest...Winter Is Coming (let the record state that I DO NOT watch Game of Thrones)! Snow and daily highs in the mid thirties says winter to me! Tuesday was Halloween. It was my favorite holiday as a kid. I loved planning the perfect costume, attending the neighborhood Halloween party, and running around the subdivision in a big group. There's always that one house that celebrates Halloween waaaaaay too hard. Their front yard is full of severed heads, cloaked figures, and axe-wielding monsters. I remember one year our neighbors had a huge barrel of spaghetti labelled "brains" that you had to stick your hand in before getting candy. You had to earn it. That's Keep Reading

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This week is fall break, which means I have (most of) the week with my kiddos. If you read my last post, you already know that this year has brought a lot of change for my family and me. Even for those of us who relish in the new adventures and experiences that change brings, it is seldom easy and often wrought with growing pains. For quite a few years, fall has meant that the ease and flexibility of summer ends and the rigid schedules that come with full-time work take over. I usually left the house by 6:15 am and was lucky if the kids and I made it home by 5:30 pm. Even though I loved my job, I secretly longed to have a simpler, less stressful life. Then presto change-o! I found my self without a job and not having to work. I finally had time to bake my own bread, do those crafts I pinned on Pinterest, make my kids after-school snacks, make a big deal about even the smallest holidays. I could finally see a perfect life taking shape before my eyes now that I had the extra time. Then Keep Reading