Graphic Novels Worth Stealing From Kids

  It's already half way through January (gasp), which means I'm linking up with Quick Lit over at Modern Mrs. Darcy to share short reviews of what I've been reading. Instead of giving you a peek at my nightstand, I've decided to mix things up a bit and talk about my 9-year-old daughter's latest obsession: graphic novels. Today's graphic novels have changed from manga and superheroes to interesting and engaging novels that just happen to be illustrated. My daughter loves to read, but it has been difficult as of late to get her to read anything but graphic novels. And who can blame her? They can be downright addictive. At first I was worried that graphic novels would stunt her growth as a reader. One of the greatest things about reading books is envisioning the characters, setting, and events taking place in your own mind. Graphic novels do that for you. But then the middle school language arts teacher in me kicks in. Reading is reading. Ya, maybe little Timmy is reading Keep Reading

Fictional Families I Wish Would Adopt Me

  I consider myself extremely blessed to have had such a wonderful childhood. My parents worked hard and made sure my brother and I had everything we needed. They gave us nightly family dinners around the table (ice cream for dessert), fun family trips down to a fishing cabin that had once belonged to my grandfather, and countless memories filled with laughter, silliness, and lots and lots of love. I had a great childhood. All the same, growing up reading books I couldn't help imagine myself a member of some of the families in the books I read. When my mom made me clean my room or my brother refused to play with with me I would imagine myself an orphan sent to live with the Cuthberts in Avonlea or growing up on the prairie listening to Pa play his fiddle in the evenings. I would imagine myself in a different time, different circumstances, a different family, a different life. During the recent holidays, I found myself thinking a lot about family. The different dynamics Keep Reading

Looking Ahead: Best Books for 2018

Happy New Year!  A new year means new book releases! As 2018 begins, I'm looking at all the new books that are scheduled to release this year with hungry eyes. There are so many new books I want to read! Yet, there are still so many great books I never got around to reading in 2017. It's a never-ending problem, but things could be worse. Much worse. I could be a member of the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yikes! There are a few different ways I'm planning out my reading for next year. I'm participating in a few book challenges such as the ones here and here. I'm planning on adding a few classics I've never read before to my TBR pile. I'm also pumped about all the new books coming out in 2018. These might not be the most talked about or the most anticipated book of 2018, but these are the books I'm most excited about. It's always good to have a few books on pre-order or upcoming titles you can bug your local library to get. If you're reading this blog, you probably have Keep Reading

Perfect Books for the Holiday Season

Well, I feel that I have been officially inducted into life in the Midwest. It snowed earlier this week and then the temperature plummeted. Low temps turned the roads into a sheet of ice. Back in North Carolina or Georgia, this would shut everything down. No school. No work. Nothing. Here in Minnesota, it's life as usual. No one seems to notice. I, however, am freaking out as my car fishtails and careens all over the road anytime I attempt to stop or slow down. Fun times. My kids might have learned a few new words as I yelled at the 4th person to honk at me for going too slow. What is wrong with people!? Driving on solid ice is NOT normal! Besides taking my kids to school and stopping by the gym, I'm trying to stay home as much as possible. What to do when cold, snowy December weather keeps you inside? Pour yourself a hot cup of tea and read a holiday book, of course! There's nothing better than a holiday-themed book to warm your soul when wintry weather abounds. I have my favorites Keep Reading

I Can’t Believe You’ve Never Read That!

If you have ever had any length of a conversation with me, seen me in the waiting room of a doctor's office, passed by me while my kids are playing in the park, sat next to me at a stop light, or peered in my bedroom window at night (creeper!), you probably know that I love to read. I always bring a book with me wherever I go just in case I have a spare second to read. I've read books for school (high school, college, and graduate school) and I've read countless books for pleasure. Then I began teaching English and started reading books for work. I've lost count of the books I've read. But when talking with a fellow bibliophile about our literary conquests I've often gotten the response, "I can't believe you've never read that!". As a voracious reader and former English teacher, I feel a responsibility to have read every notable book out there. Why is that? Should I have read Moby Dick instead of The Buenos Aires Broken Hearts Club? Should I have read Jane Austen instead of rereading Keep Reading