Fictional Families I Wish Would Adopt Me


I consider myself extremely blessed to have had such a wonderful childhood. My parents worked hard and made sure my brother and I had everything we needed. They gave us nightly family dinners around the table (ice cream for dessert), fun family trips down to a fishing cabin that had once belonged to my grandfather, and countless memories filled with laughter, silliness, and lots and lots of love. I had a great childhood.

All the same, growing up reading books I couldn’t help imagine myself a member of some of the families in the books I read. When my mom made me clean my room or my brother refused to play with with me I would imagine myself an orphan sent to live with the Cuthberts in Avonlea or growing up on the prairie listening to Pa play his fiddle in the evenings. I would imagine myself in a different time, different circumstances, a different family, a different life.

During the recent holidays, I found myself thinking a lot about family. The different dynamics that make up a family unit. The way you can really be yourself around those you love. The way they can really get under your skin. The way only they can make you laugh so hard you forget where you are. Family has a special quality that makes you feel that you belong. You’re part of the club. My cousin who I hadn’t seen in years joined us for Christmas this year. Even though we weren’t especially close, we fell back into conversation as though we’d spent every day together; sharing stories only we would understand because of our shared family.

I would never change my family for the world, past or present. I had an amazing childhood with parents and a brother whom I love deeply and I have an amazing husband and three fantastic kids. But sometimes I can’t help but fall into the fictional families I read about. It’s an escape from reality that I’ve always enjoyed.

Here are 5 fictional families I wish would adopt me…

The Weasleys  – Oh man, what I would give to have bright red hair and hand-me-down robes. The Weasleys might not be rich, but boy do stick together and know how to have a good time. The Weasleys, of course, are the fictional family from the Harry Potter series to which Ron, one of the main characters, belongs. The Weasleys have seven children and a cool magically bewitched house in the country. They are progressive, fiercely loyal and aren’t afraid to bend (or break) the rules. Complete with living garden gnomes, a magical clock that gives the location of all the family members, and floo powder, the Weasley house sounds like the coolest place to hang out!


The Finches – As a father, Atticus Finch might not throw the football with you in the backyard, but he’ll teach you how to be a good person who stands against injustice without saying a word. Atticus Finch might be the most awesome father in all of modern literature. His kids call him by his first name, he doesn’t stand for nonsense, and he’s always there when you need him. Plus, he doesn’t keep a very good eye on his kids day or night, so you could probably get away with a lot.


The Gantos – Crazy, sardonic, frugal, yet loving; although living with the Gantos’ wouldn’t be ideal, there would never be a dull moment. Even though I wouldn’t necessarily be down with my dad using me as a pawn in his own marital drama, I wouldn’t mind shooting stolen firearms and driving underage.


The Everdeens – If I had to be stuck in a post-apocalyptic totalitarian dictatorship, there’s no one I’d rather be with than the Everdeens. Even though mom’s sanity is questionable, their family bond is tight and they’d do anything… anything… for each other. I’d also appreciate having a sister who can put food on the table. Just sayin’.


The Murrarys – Being part of the Murray family would be amazing because it makes being a nerd cool. Being lost inside a Tesseract and relying on your children to rescue you doesn’t necessarily make you father of the year, but it makes for a good story to reminisce about over the dinner table.

What fictional families would you like to be part of?

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