Reading Reflections: A Month of Books

Today I’m linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy for Quick Lit, short and sweet reviews of what I’ve read and am currently reading.

I hoped to get out of my November reading slump by reading some quickies and I was successful! I have a couple of thicker reads in my TBR pile, so I’m hoping I can keep my momentum going.

I’m planning on getting a good bit of reading knocked out while riding in the car in the coming weeks. My husband, three kids and I are hitting the road for an epic holiday cross-country tour, also known as the epic road trip. My little family and I moved to St. Paul, MN back in March leaving behind all our family in Georgia and north Florida (with a few exceptions). Knowing the cost of 4 plane tickets around the holidays, my husband and I resigned ourselves to staying in the Twin Cities for the holidays. However, as December loomed closer, the temperature began to drop, and homesickness began to set in, we thought about our options. My husband has a ton of vacation time built up and has the perk of a company car and gas card. The only thing stopping us from visiting family down south was 48 measly hours of driving. Thus, the epic road trip was born. I got on Google maps and started planning our journey. With our longest stretch of driving in one day being 6 hours and 40 minutes, it actually seemed doable. So here I am, in Dalton, Georgia, a hardened road warrior.

Look for more posts from the road about our epic adventures!

Here’s what I’ve been reading this month…

Just Finished:

The Deal of a Lifetime – This was the perfect holiday novella. Short, sweet, and touching. I love Backman’s writing style, and like his other works, this one was wrought with emotion. It makes you think about the people that we encounter in our daily lives. Someone that appears to be self-absorbed and callous can actually be capable of showing much more love and empathy than we ever thought possible. This is so short that I’m not going to give away any of the plot. Go and read it for yourself. I’m sure you can find 45 minutes to spare. Elf will be on again tomorrow night.

The Impossible Fortress: A Novel – I actually had never heard of this book before. I found it as I was cruising the $3.99 or less section on iBooks. This book surprised me. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good, but I really enjoyed it. First of all, I love stories set in the 80’s. I recently finished watching Glow and Stranger Things. Both are set in the 80’s and both are awesome series on Netflix. The year is 1987 and a few nerdy high school freshman embark on a quest to find the Vanna White Playboy edition. The main character, Will, is obsessed with video games and programming. As he attempts to create his own video game, he ends up learning a lot along the way. This was a fun and nostalgic read (not that I’m nostalgic about the 80’s. I was born in ’86). It’s a throwback to a simpler time and reminds you of what it was like to be in high school when the entire fate of your world hinged on one event.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette: A Novel – This was a delightful read. Written as an epistolary novel in the form of documents, emails, and letters, 15 year-old Bee is searching for her mother after her sudden disappearance. Satirical and witty, I commiserated with Bernadette’s disdain for suburban life. Well-developed characters and an unconventional plot made this a quick and fun read. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie due to come out this spring. Plus, don’t you just love the cover?

Winter Street: A Novel – A lot of people have been going on and on about how great this book is, so I decided to pick it up for the holidays. This is not my typical kind of book. It’s entertaining, but superficial and cheesy. It’s the definition of a guilty pleasure, the kind that makes you feel slightly dumber after reading it. Not that The Impossible Fortress or Where’d You Go Bernadette are literary masterpieces, but there’s a difference. That said, it was an enjoyable, quick read that wasn’t half bad. The Quinn family runs an Inn on Nantucket and is known for throwing their amazing Christmas party each year. This year, however, will be a bit different. An affair with Santa, an unplanned pregnancy, and an FBI investigation promises to make this a Christmas the Quinn family will not soon forget.

Currently Reading:

Alias Grace – I decided to start reading this after Netflix released a series based on the book. Based on true events, Alias Grace is the story of a young woman in the mid 1800’s convicted of a brutal murder. Everyone believes her to be guilty until a young doctor listens to her story in hopes of uncovering the truth. I love Margaret Atwood and her wildly feminist undertones.

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  1. I watched the Netflix adaptation of Alias Grace recently (I haven’t read the book yet) and it was SO disturbing. It definitely wasn’t an enjoyable thing to watch, but it was also brilliant and I love Margaret Atwood for her ability to penetrate and expose the patriarchal psyche. It definitely made me think. I hope more of her work is adapted for the small screen in the near future!

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