Children’s Literature is the Best Kind of Gift

If you haven’t guessed already, I love to give my kids books as gifts. I’m pretty sure I get more joy out of picking out the perfect book, smelling the deliciously new pages, and watching their faces light up in fake excitement as they open it up than my kids do from getting them. Both of my bigger kids love to read and enjoy getting new books they don’t have to return to the library. Christmas is not the only time I go book shopping for my kids. Birthdays, Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, even Arbor Day all require trips to the book store.

Around here, I just finished shopping for my almost-5-year-old. My sweet little boy suddenly grew up before my eyes. I have no idea how that happened. His birthday is in a couple of days and you better believe I wrapped up some brand new books in Paw Patrol wrapping paper for his upcoming birthday celebration. My son is still in the picture book phase. I feel some pressure to get him to start reading, but then I remember that he’ll be ready when he’s ready. All I can do is keep reading to him. There are some great new books in children literature that I highly recommend checking out for the kids in your lives. They make great holiday gifts or an anytime gift. Who doesn’t love a surprise package from Amazon?

If giving books for holidays and birthdays is not part of your family tradition, it’s not too late to start. This year, my husband and I are getting our kiddos 4 gifts each for Christmas: something to wear, something to read, something they want, and something they need. It might not seem like a lot, but my children are the only grandkids on both sides of our family, so sometimes gifts can get out of control. I usually have to give extended family a limit on how many gifts to get each kid (usually 1-2). Then my mom just laughs at me in only the way a mother can laugh at her daughter when she tells her what to do, and then does whatever she wants regardless of my requests.

I’ve talked a bit about juvenile fiction that my daughter is reading, but I haven’t yet explored the wonderful world of children’s literature.

Here are some great picture books to get the kid in your life for the holidays or their next birthday (or Arbor Day).

Jabari Jumps is a sweet story about courage and overcoming your fears. After completing his swim lessons, Jabari tries to muster up the courage to jump off of the high dive. Jabari’s father is by his side, patiently encouraging him. Gaia Cornwall’s debut novel captures the determination of a little boy who refuses to give up. I love getting books for my kids with diverse characters and this is a great one to add to my son’s collection.

The Story of Ferdinand was first published in 1936. This classic children’s book is getting new life by becoming a major motion picture. I saw the trailer for it and was shocked to learn that the movie looked nothing like book I loved as a child. Where’s the cork tree? Where are flowers Ferdinand loves to smell? It’s time to school my kids and read them this classic story of pacifism and contentment. I feel this book should be required reading for all kids today, especially in the world of violence we currently live in.

Did you know that Dragons Love Tacos? Well they do. And this book will tell you all about it. The only problem…salsa. You can’t have tacos without salsa. And I’ll give you one guess as to what happens when dragons eat salsa. This fabulously fun tale of friendship and food is perfect for young readers.

Contrary to what you might think, This Is How We Do It is not a Montell Jordan biography. This book details the lives of seven children from around the world. With detailed pictures, it shows how our daily lives and routines may differ, but inside we are all the same. This is a great multi-cultural book for kids to see how children in different countries live their lives.

Sarabella’s Thinking Cap – This beautifully illustrated picture book takes readers inside a child’s mind as Sarabella daydreams, thinks, and imagines as only she can. Thinking and daydreaming can be a good thing, but not all the time. This sweet story shows the importance of free thinking and creativity.


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  1. Every time I read your blog, I discover new books and find old ones hidden in my memories.

  2. These all look so wonderful! I’ve read the first three, but the last two really intrigue me. I think my kids would love them. My list for their reading is almost as out of control as my own…

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