In the Books: This Week’s Best Book-Related Links

This week is fall break, which means I have (most of) the week with my kiddos. If you read my last post, you already know that this year has brought a lot of change for my family and me. Even for those of us who relish in the new adventures and experiences that change brings, it is seldom easy and often wrought with growing pains. For quite a few years, fall has meant that the ease and flexibility of summer ends and the rigid schedules that come with full-time work take over. I usually left the house by 6:15 am and was lucky if the kids and I made it home by 5:30 pm. Even though I loved my job, I secretly longed to have a simpler, less stressful life.

Then presto change-o! I found my self without a job and not having to work. I finally had time to bake my own bread, do those crafts I pinned on Pinterest, make my kids after-school snacks, make a big deal about even the smallest holidays. I could finally see a perfect life taking shape before my eyes now that I had the extra time.

Then of course, things didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined. I still left the clothes in the washing machine over night on occasion, that pile of unopened mail kept growing, all of those Pinterest crafts remained on the pages of my computer screen, mocking my imperfect life.

But you know what? I spent more time with my kids at the park, I took my time cooking dinner, I took my son to story time at the library every week, and my kids did crafts at the YMCA while I got a daily work-out in. Life is not about being perfect, it’s about taking time to appreciate the little things. It’s about figuring out what makes you happy and doing just that.

So, back to fall break – I was feeling stressed out last week that I didn’t have anything amazing for the kids to do. I felt like I had to have the week planned out and filled with exciting activities. If we just hung around the house, I was a failure. But you know what? We haven’t done anything amazing yet. The kids went to the gym with me, I took them to the library, we raked leaves together and got into an epic leaf war. And it was great! I guess perfect isn’t so great after all.

Speaking of things that make me happy, I’ve rounded up my favorite book-related links this week. Enjoy!